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[Thu Apr 26 01:07:03 EEST 2007] Bugs fixed.New download available.Please redownload.

[Thu May 3 00:10:37 EEST 2007] M-chat v0.3 beta is online.I can say i almost rewriten most of the code from v0.2(about 60-70%).Some of the things i've managed to acomplish are: faster,cleaner and optimized code;same goes for the data structures used;generalized comunication scheme for easier future development;client identification through random generated id's for security and some pipe cleaning;version checking;options in server and client for server location;timed logs;timed messages;client commands like list users,clear screen and print time;autoconf and makefiles for both server and client;... and much more.To find out what i really managed to in this version just take a look in the code :).Also from now on to print the program usage you must provide the program with the -i switch.Take a look in that too.Note that this version(0.3) is still in beta because i didn't managed already to implement all the stuff i wanted so i bringed this version online so you could check it out and stay close because v0.3 final is going to be out in about a week from today.

Download Source

The latest stable version(v0.3b).

Fenrir compiled client

This is the fenrir(my students faculty server) client already compiled from the latest stable client version(v0.3b).So this is usefull only for my collegues.The server runs from my account.All you have to do is download it,make it executable (chmod u+x mclient_fenrir) and run it.Also to print program info just run the client with the -i paramater.To view mchat server info specific for fenrir click here.I recommend doing this before trying to connect or if you encounter problems while connecting because fenrir will allways run the latest version for testing and your client might not be up to date.

Full Tech description

This is the full technical review including code description and customization(v0.3b).Not Finished yet.It will be available soon.

M-Chat Cbox

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