Using MindTerm

(java based ssh client)

The MindTerm java applet should now be downloading to your computer. Depending on the speed of your network connection, there may be a short pause. You should then see a MindTerm window on your screen. If you don't, check that your browser has java enabled, and reload this page.

As the applet launches, your browser will probably prompt you to grant the applet permission to access your network and system. Grant any requests, but we suggest that you make sure not to have the browser remember the decision.

Depending on the kind of computer you are using, you may also be asked whether to create a SSH home directory on that computer. In the interests of leaving behind as little information as possible, and minimising disturbance to the machine, we suggest that you do not create any directories. The same goes for any later prompts, for example about adding information to any files and so on.

After it has loaded, MindTerm will suggest as the host to connect to. If you wish to connect to a different computer, delete '', and type in a different name and press Enter. The username will default to my username on fenrir; edit it if necessary and press Enter.

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Updated: April 2007